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1. The purpose of the Foundation is:        a. to support the Sapana School in Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal;         b. to support the NGO Sapana Village Social Impact in setting up small-scale and sustainable projects aimed at education, poverty reduction, basic medical care and / or environment;         c. to perform all further actions, which are related to the foregoing in the widest sense or which may be conducive thereto.

2. Stichting Sapana School seeks to achieve this goal by financially supporting the construction and exploitation of the Sapana School, granting scholarships to children of the poorest native inhabitants of the region, financially supporting small-scale and sustainable projects as referred to above, as well as providing assistance to government schools in the region everything in the broadest sense of the word.

formal information

Stichting Sapana School, Achterweg 46,

4156 AC, Rumpt, The Netherlands

0031 6 10321929

Stichting Sapana School is established on December 23rd 2009 in Geldermalsen, the Netherlands.

Number Chamber of Commerce 30277031, KvK Midden Nederland.

financial information

  • Account name: penningmeester sapana school
  • IBAN/SEPA Number: N L 9 1 T R I O 0 3 9 0 3 9 1 9 7 2
  • BIC Number: T R I O N L 2 U
  • Bankname: Triodos Bank

Stichting Sapana School has an ANBI status.

Number for the Dutch government (taxes) 821717662.