Board of Foundation Stichting Sapana School

and   advisors

Marie-José van der Sandt (president) left

Marie-José got to know the concept of Sapana School through her friend and former colleague at the teachers trainings college Utrecht (SOL the Netherlands), Elsa Geilman. When she was asked to co-operate with her (in 2008), to take over the stick so to say, to take care of a good network, to perform good support of the NGO in Nepal as well as the start of the realization of Sapana School, she took this as her task after intensive and careful thoughts.

After Marie-José’s meetings in July and October 2009 with the members of NGO Sapana Village Development Centre Nepal (the predecessor of Sapana Village Social Impact) and the president Dhurba Giri, she was convinced of the chance of success of the project. She decided to form the foundation Sapana School for fundraising and other possible support.

Marie-José worked from 1973 as an art teacher and teachers training/pedagogy in Higher Education Institutes, since 1986 as manager in Higher Education Teacher Training Art schools and from 1991 in different outside school Art Institutes. She has a long list of board memberships of different Art Organisations as well as Civil Organisations.

Godfried Konings (treasuror) middle

I know Marie-José through a different project in which we worked together and when she asked me to become treasurer for the Sapana School Foundation I right away got very enthusiastic about this plan.
The last 20 years I worked in various financial functions in installation technics and the food sector (Honig, Heinz, HAK, Superunie)) and recently I started working for Friesland Campina, a dairy company.

Scholing in my conviction is for mankind the only possible way to make progress in life. At this moment my children about passed highschool and are considering what higher education institute they want to attend for the next few years. I myself ‘went back to school’ in 2008 and I entered University to be able to continue to develop myself . This is why I want to support this foundation as much as I can: so children in Nepal will get the same opportunities like we in the western world.

Carla Van’t Slot (secretary) right

After my studies nursing, several specializations and some years of practical working I followed the teacher trainings course for nursing. I’m married to Maarten and we have 4 children together. On august 15th 1952 I was born in the Hague.

At this moment I’m working as a nurse in a psychiatric ward and I give post graduate courses. As a governor I got experience in being president at a nursery school, being president of a parental board of a primary school and like a member of local supportive committee of the Dutch labour party.
During a period of 12 years I had my own company with trainings for people who work in the field of healthcare. But I found out that I actually prefer the primary process, the actual working for and with people.

When Marie-José asked me to be part of the group to take care of the establishing Sapana School in Nepal this filled me with enthusiasm. How great to know that, all that you do, is meant for the right cause. And really no money swallowing up layers in this organization!

Advisors of the board of the Foundation Stichting Sapana School

Elsa Geilman

In 2006, as a member of the Medical Checks for Children mission (from the Netherlands), I met Dhurba Giri in Chitwan. He is the manager of Sapana Lodge, Sauraha, where our team stayed during our medical checks for the children in the area. He told me about his life and the life of his people, the Tharu. As I saw hima gain in 2007 and 2008, we became friends and he told me his dream of the future.

I share Dhurba’s dream and I want to help him to make his dream come true. Not only for Dhurba, but also for his family, his friends, his people the Tharu and for the sake of mankind as a whole. For together, we are one : together we make a good world.
I will reach all the people who are needed to make Dhurba’s dream come true.
Elsa Geilman, education philosopher, pedagogy and counsellor.

Karlien Bongers

is a versatile, curious and creative inspirator who likes to research, play and learn to share it in a simple, understandable and practical way. From origin surgeon, now specialist Integrative Medicine, speaker, day chairman and author.

I met Dhruba Giri in 2005 for the first time and I share his enthusiasm to bring the existence of the people around him to a higher level. That is why I support him and the Foundation Stichting Sapana School Foundation with heart and soul.