Why the Sapana School

Why choose the Sapana School for your child?

“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein

The Sapana School is a school where children learn by playing and research. The education system is Child Centered and the counselors have a value free approach in guiding the children. The school is like a family for all persons involved. Besides the academic subjects a lot of attention is paid to the arts, social, emotional and ecological awareness. The students are guided toward independency and thus interdependency.

Today’s education in Nepal is outdated. The government sees changes are necessary and/but at the Nepali government schools teaching staff is too busy. The team of the Sapana School is trained from the start, to act as counselors of youngsters to prepare them for their future life. They guide them to be curious, to find their own information and their own fit to the case solutions.

Why child centered education

  • Each child is unique and learns in his/her own way

  • Each child is curious and learns at his/her own pace

  • If you want to build a bridge then you need a reason to cross the river

  • When you do not want to cross the river there is no need to build a bridge

  • There are many ways to cross the river, you do not need a bridge

  • Education is guiding the child toward his/her own solutions

  • Reading , writing and accounting are best learned in pleasure, not in fear (to fail)

Why value free approach

You learn by what you are good at when you are intrinsic motivated (=natural urge to explore the world and to survive)

You learn because you WANT to know MORE

Why a school like a family?

Why a school like a family:

Your family gives you a safe environment

You are loved by your family

You are guided by your family

You feel responsible for your family

You can only really learn when your surroundings are safe

Why social, emotional and ecological development

Showing compassion is the highest acknowledgement of the emotions of the other person

You destroy your natural habitat by ignoring it

Why independency and interdependency

Only when you have self esteem and you feel independent only then you can ask for help and you can help others

A rather high percentage of underprivileged ethnic groups in this area is still illiterate, because of that they stay ignorant and are very vulnerable

You learn by support, not by neglect

Nepal needs all its inhabitants as interdependent and self aware civilians to remain an independent and socially well functioning country in this part of the world