At our school volunteers and guests are very welcome.

As we are a new school with specific starting points for our students we made rules for our visitors, volunteers and the parents.

This is to prevent that the students are disturbed while being at the school while working on their own learning tracks.

The rules and regulations in short:

1. - During school time nobody is allowed to walk in and out the classroom or at the playground without an announcement on forehand and the agreement of the manager of the school.

2. - Except the teachers and the assistant teachers nobody is allowed to work, to play or to instruct an individual child or a small group of children during school time.

3. - Only at restriced hours and planned in the program of the school guests are allowed to do something with the entire group of children in the circle corner or at the playground. The task of the guest is discussed on forehand with the staff.

4. - Guests and parents as care givers keep their appointment. When they can’t come, they have to announce this as early as possible.

5. - People interested in the school may visit the school only before or after school time and under guidance of the manager or a teacher to answer questions about the system.

6. - Teachers from outside who have the intention to exchange knowledge and support the educational staff have to be screened by the advisors of the school. Only when they agree they may work as volunteer under the appointed conditions and they are bound to the rules and regulations of the school.

7. - The trainers of the staff of the school are bound to these rules and regulations too.

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Policy for every group of volunteers and visitors

Educational and non educational trained persons are definitively asked to follow the intentions of child centred education: the leading pedagogical pillar of the Sapana School. This is….to take the natural learning abilities of the children for serious….So: do not impose your 'teaching' to the children, but follow the need of the children. The children are coached to be independent…so do not help them in YOUR WAY…but look carefully for the help THEY ASK FOR…….