Vision, Mission and Goals of the Sapana School


Why a new school? The initiators of the school experienced that young people in Nepal are insufficiently prepared for their lives when they leave school. Also too many children leave school early without a school leaving certificate (SLC). One of the reasons is that they can not keep up with crowded classes and become disinterested.

Traditional education in Nepal dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is a copy of the Western education system from those years. In overcrowded classes the children sit in rows in school desks and they have to memorise what is in the books often without really understanding what it is about. This applies to children from the age of five, because pre-school education aims to teach the children the first principles of reading, writing and arithmetic before their sixth year.

In the Sapana School's vision every child is unique and every child is guided in his / her personal development. Playful learning and self-reliance are of paramount importance. In a safe environment, the teachers stimulate the innate need to learn and the natural curiosity of the child.

In the 21st century we see a lot of development all over the world. By the life-long involvement & efforts of both students, teaching & non-teaching staff in the school

  • we want to enable them to learn with mind, heart and body
  • we want the students to be prepared for the future of their own choice with a sound knowledge of their own culture
  • we want them to be conscious of the values of their background and of the contribution they can make to their future by working and living in a constructive and thoughtful way
  • we want them to support Nepal in this modern world

We want to provide opportunities for all parents and children, not looking at their financial affairs but looking at their attitude towards our conviction that everyone who really puts in the effort to develop him/herself will succeed to make a better life for all.

All teachers will support and council each pupil at his / her own level and guide him / her to want to enlarge his / her competences in a natural democratic way.


We want to support and educate children in their growth to social, creative, self conscious, independent and well developed personalities, who will make a positive and effective contribution to society in our region and our country. We want them to be persons who take responsibility for their own future, own people, fellow countrymen and global well being.

Goals of the Sapana School

  • excellent education for children in the area
  • children enjoy education
  • parents value the education of their children
  • effective and valuable education
  • every child that enters the school also succeeds in finishing the school with sufficient results (diploma)
  • education is affordable, also for parents with little or no income
  • the school sets a good example for other Nepalese schools and the school wants to help other schools

The full grown Sapana School consists of a pré school, a primary school and secondary school and also adult education and vocational training.