Staff and School Board

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Supporting staff

The coordinator (half time teacher), the school ground manager, the cook and the administrator form the supporting staff of the Sapana School.
Together, under the responsibility of the president of the school board, they form the daily management of the school.

For advice and support in problem situations they can contact the school board and if so desired the team trainers / advisors of the school.

The School Board

The board of the school includes parents, people with an education background and an SVSI representative. The board meetings are attended by the coordinator of the school to give information about the daily routine and to explain proposals from the staff. The board meets monthly.

Teaching staff / counsellors

All staff members are certified. They participated in a special training developed for the Sapana school.

Self awareness, emotional and social development, process learning through experience and playing are put in a theoretical context. Value free observation, active listening, use of open questions, stimulate children to talk, reflecting and finding their own solutions are the main trained skills.

The supporting trainers from abroad visit the Sapana school regularly to work with the staff members for both further training, observations and feedback on the child centered education. Also they do support the staff throughout the school year using 21st century media.

Every year there are teacher motivation trainings for new staff and interested teachers.

Team formation

Every morning, before the children arrive, the team discusses the previous day and the entire staff goes through their plans for the day. Here one supervises each other in a solicited and unsolicited way. Agreements are made about special attention for children who need it. People also ask each other to make observations, especially if they want to receive feedback about a particular case. At the end they meditate together to reach inner balance, before they meet the students.

At the end of the day, after writing the children's daily reports, the team cleans the buildings together: the office, the kitchen, the toilets and the classrooms. On Friday afternoon this happens together with the children.

Every Friday afternoon there is a team meeting of the teaching staff where long time content and strategies are on the agenda and proposals are made for the board meetings.

Board members March 2020

Board members March 2020