Parents a bridge between home and school

Parents are from the start the most important educators of their children. This is one of the starting points of the Sapana School. If, what we do in education, is not supported or acknowledged by the parents then there will be an enormous gap for the children.

This is why parent participation is built in our school. This parent participation builds a bridge from the home to the school and vice versa.

Every two months a special meeting is held to discuss items like health, hygiene, unconditional parenting and daily routine/discipline to make bridge between the life at home and the daily school practice. In this way the approach of the school also effects daily life of the entire family and beyond.

Once every two months there is a parent / teacher / student conversation about the development of the pupil. The various developments in social, emotional, skills, behavior and academic field are subject to discussion.

Parents also work at the school as volunteers. For instance: as help in the kitchen, as help to maintain the school ground, as help in the organic school garden, to help plant new trees (as the school and the school ground are here since 2016), to help organize the PARENT DAY.
Some of them are members of the School Board