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books for a loan library

****News January 10th 2019 ****
Some of the children at the Sapana School are now ready to learn how to read. They really love to do this. The teachers are reading aloud a lot. For in this way the students develop their love for reading. It would be great when also the parents of the children would read aloud for them at home. Nepal has a nice tradition of story telling but not of reading aloud. So in almost all families there is a lack of childrens story books.
The team wants to make a loan library where parents can come to laon book to read at home.

Do you want to support the school with a donation to buy books for the loan library?

Any amount is welcome!

books in school now


transportation for students needed

****News January 1st 2019 ****
Also in Nepal both parents need to work to earn money for their daily expenses.

So some lack the time to bring their children to school and there is no public transportation in Chitwan, or too expensive. This can be a reason why the parents don't submit their child to the Sapana School and/or stop bringing their child to school. Result .........

This is why the staff is asking for transportation for their students and the future students of the Sapana School.

A rickshaw would do...... as long as there is a small number of students ..... but in the long run the school needs a school bus

Price of a school bus: € 27.000,-

fourth teacher motivation training

****News January 1st 2019 ****

Are you interested in participation in the 4th teacher motivation training 'CHILD CENTERED EDUCATION of the 21ST CENTURY next February / Magh 25th at the Sapana School in Sauraha Nepal? Then download the program and the application form here.