School Inventory

school yard

Spacious area with lots of room to play freely and to explore!

inventory of the pre school

The classrooms: with space for free pay, discovery, groups, individual students, dancing, singing, reading, building etc. etc.

kitchen and lunch room

To daily make healthy snacks and lunch for the children and the staff.

In the carpentry of Sapana Lodge, two Tharu beds are being made that are planned in the 'Meeting and Reading corner' of the first floor. In small groups the students come and see how the beds are made.They enjoy this kind of trips and the carpenters like to explain things to the younger generation.

The factory in Narangarth where the furniture for the first floor has been made.

* The furniture of the school is designed by Elsa Geilman to fit the building ánd the requirements of innovative education of the 21st century: child centered education.

Financial contributions to the furniture of school, offices and kitchen and the school yard by: SVSI, Stichting Sapana School, Stichting Sonmar Namaste, Stichting Pelgrimshoeve, Rebecca Dearman teacher at the Crieff Primary School, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland and others.

Material contributions to the learning materials: different contributors from the USA, Germany, Nepal , Greece and the Netherlands