School Fund

The Sapana School would want to function cost neutral. However this is impossible when you want to maintain a high standard education service for children of marginalized families and parents who have little or no income.

Although the school and the vocational trainings are open for all social classes, children of poor parents have equal chances. SVSI tries to make money for the School Fund with other projects and some Nepali people can pay for the services by themselves. But any way donations from abroad are necessary, because fund-raising inside Nepal is difficult and does not give the desired effect.

The School Fund is supervised by the treasurer of SVSI company and the general director of SVSI (Dhurba Giri). The School Fund is managed by the school manager. The School Board advises the managemement of the Fund. They see to it that the scholarships will handed out to children who will be given the opportunity by their parents to work successfully in the school. The parents have to give their children the time and space to do their schoolwork and will see to it that they attend Sapana School every day.

The needed money for the School Fund of the Sapana School is being raised through different persons and organizations involved:

1. SVSI company (NP) collects donations of well to do inhabitants of Chitwan and donations of guests of Sapana Village Lodge. Interested individuals can contribute with an involvement guarantee for some years.

2. To make the sustainability of the school possible Sapana Village Lodge asks each guest of the lodge to contribute a minimum of € 5,- to the Sapana School. This amount is taken separately/earmarked in the bill of the guests. This fundraising activity started July 2018.

3. Stichting Sapana School (NL) collects donations of individuals and other foundations and organises fundraising actions.

These children need financial support from the School Fund