School Building

1st floor outside study room and steps... October 2018

Financial contributions (by Foundation Stichting Sapana School through SVSI) to the first floor of the building of the school by the heirs of Ardo Bongers in 2017

Pictures of the school building on April 7th 2016

The first phase of the building of the school started with a Puja in 2013.

Then in 2014, 2015 and 2016 the office, staffroom, school kitchen, toiletbuilding for students (2,5 - 6 years old) and staff and two school rooms for the pré school were built. The house for the school ground manager was finished in March 2017. The first school day was May 2nd 2016.

The stone on which the school is built put in the ground at the Puja in 2013

design of the Sapana School buildings and premises by Elsa Geilman

Financial contributions (through SVSI) to the first phase of the building of the school and the school yard by: FEMI, Stichting Sapana School, Nepal Benefiet Aalsmeer, Stichting Sonmar Namaste and others