The donors of the Dutch INGO Stichting Sapana School financially support the Sapana School in Chitwan, Nepal


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Building NOW

Multifunctional building under construction – planned completion September 2020

In the school year 2020 - 2021 the first floor is not longer available for extra activities because of the admission of new students. Therefore we have to expand. In this building groups of students have room for dance, music, theater and e.g. in the studio. All adult activities will happen in this building as soon as finished.

The situation in November 2019:

The first building of our school is in use and gives room in total to 80 students.

On ground level 2 classrooms for in total 40 students from 2.5 till about 5.5 years old. The rooms have a connection with a sliding door, which is open during free playtime.

  • On the first floor 2 classrooms for in total 40 students. The entire room is partly separated by a wall, although there are no doors.

  • The toilet building has 10 toilets for girls, a shower, 8 urinals + 2 toilets for boys and 2 adult toilets.

  • There is a building with 2 staffrooms and the school kitchen.

  • On the compound is the house of the school ground manager and her family.

  • Close to the gate is the office of the SVSI, which is finished last summer

  • At the moment (nov 19) there are 38 students from which about sixteen in the range of 5.5 till 6.5 years old use the first floor, when this room is not used for parents meetings or trainings. Otherwise they are downstairs.

Multifunctional building

The first scetch of the floor plan.    Description of the rooms:

A 1. Group meeting and training for about 20 till 28 people.

A2. Arrival, meet and greet, study and relaxing for about 14 people Room A is for one group and can’t be separated from the studio = room E.

B. Entrance hall for shoes and coats
C. Pantry to make coffee or tea and small snacks.
D. Store for plastic chairs for outside and equipment not necessary for all groups.
E. Studio for training's, dance, music, theater and information meetings for big groups; about 50 people can find a place when necessary; for training's maximum 20 people.
The room has a mirror and a blackboard, cupboards and racks.
F. Conference, study or meeting room or instruction room for educational use. The room has place for maximum 20 people. Only this room can be used separate from the rest; this means that a second group can use this room when the other rooms are occupied.

Open space for 2nd classroom building.

view to Sapana Village Lodge

View to Sapana Village Lodge