Donation to the School Fund

You can make a single donation or we can make a contract for a few years in a row.

Per October 18th 2021 INGO Stichting Sapana School is officially aknowledged as a charity by the Dutch Central bureau of the Fundraising. This organisation checks the professionality of the organisation as well as the integrity of the INGO and the partner organisation in Nepal.

There are several ways to financially support a child at the Sapana School. The possibilities below are examples and any other amount is more than welcome

1. Have a child go to school

With 55 Euros per month or 660 Euros per year all costs are covered and a child from a poor family, for which no school fees can be paid, can go to school.

By having a child go to school you also support the parents. The two monthly parents' meetings at school are compulsory and here they are initiated in the child-oriented way of guiding, healthy food and hygiene. This creates new insights about upbringing that benefit the whole family. The parents also have a personal conversation once every two months about the development of their child with one of the supervisors.

There is also a group of parents who regularly help when there is work to be done in or around the school. In this way there is a link with the school that is important for the development of the children.

The sponsor or a group of sponsors, for example a school class or a circle of friends, gets the name, a photo and a short description of the child's living conditions. You can choose whether you want to become the donor of a boy or a girl.

Once a year a short report with a photo is sent in which the development of the child is described. If you let a child go to school, you are the personal sponsor of the child. When the child is older, digital personal contact may occur. And during a visit to the school, a meeting with the child and the parents is arranged.

2. Support a child who goes to school

For the amount that is needed for a child whose parents can only pay a part of the school fees to go to school. These are the costs for food and drink, the costs for consumables and part of the general costs.

With 30 Euros per month or 360 Euros per year these costs are covered.

Any other amount is of course also welcome.

This also indirectly supports the parents. For example, the mother can start working during school hours. In addition, the children get healthy and adequate food, something that is often lacking at home.

The sponsor or the group of sponsors receives a general report once a year on the development of the school and important events.

3. Support the teaching team for the amount needed to pay a part of the salary, lunch and school clothes of a teacher.

Every amount is more than welcome!

An indication: with 60 Euros per month or 720 Euros per year in the 2018-2019 school year 15% of the costs can be paid for the entire team.

Because more guidance is needed in the child-oriented system, there are four supervisors in the first school years in a group of twenty preschoolers.

All staff of the school has followed the training specially designed for the school that prepared them for their work in the new system. They receive guidance from the trainers through the internet and twice a year one of the trainers, unpaid, comes to Nepal for further training and supervision of the Sapana School employees.

The sponsor receives a general report once a year on the development of the school and important events.

4. Adopt an entire group

With 880 Euros per month or 10.560 Euros per year the education of twenty children during the entire school year can fully run.

This is the amount that is required for the education of 10 children who go to school free of charge and 10 children who pay part-time school fees and all additional general costs.

The company, the school, a group of schools or a private person who in this way supports the school so generously receives a comprehensive report about everything around the school and of course there is a financial year overview.

If this idea resonates, a meeting can be arranged with the chairman of the foundation Sapana School in the Netherlands. She can tell everything about the school and answer the questions above

5. Support the school

With a contribution to the school fund to keep the school going, pay the salaries of the staff, maintain the vegetable garden, buy new learning materials and books. The school urgently needs a library.

Every amount is more than welcome!