Donate for new buildings and inventory

Any amount will do: for a can of paint, for a roof, for chairs, new books or.....

1. New buildings

With your donation to the building fund of the Sapana School with the NGO SVSI we are able to build more classrooms and to maintain the building.

It is the intention that the school grows with the children and that every year twenty new toddlers come along. As the children grow older and more children attend the school, more classrooms will be needed. That means building….. The prognosis is that in the school year 2020-2021 there is no room left in the existing building to provide trainings and adult education. Plans are made for a Multi-functional building. The construction costs are estimated at 30.000 Euros. For this amount there will be a space for group work, a studio and a conference room. Thecosts of the furniture are not included in this estimation.

When the rooms are free, the children can dance, make music and theatre. Parents' meetings can also be held here, as well as other adult education.

In the school year 2022-2023, the existing classes will be full and expansion is necessary to give children over 9 years all the space and possibilities to continue learning from their own experience and interest. The sketch design for four new classrooms and library is ready and the costs are estimated at 32.000 Euros.
Also here, the costs of the furniture are not included.

The costs for the second building with toilets, with the facility for 10 boys and 10 girls, is estimated at 20.000 Euros because the porcelain pots and the tiling are expensive.

The costs for extra teacher toilets is estimated at 5.000 Euro's.

For these further development plans, we are looking for generous sponsors, who support Nepal and innovative education.

These sponsors will get information of the construction activities regularly.

2. Inventory

Donate for the purchase of furniture and educational facilities.

Every new classroom has to be furnished and equipped with the learning material intended for the purpose of the room and the age of the children who will use it.

The estimated costs for the inventory of the multi-functional building are 5.000 Euros.

No budget has yet been drawn up for the layout of the building with four classrooms, especially since there will also be classrooms and where an IT room is planned. The following applies to the learning material: depending on the money that is available, the most essential learning material is purchased or made.

Sponsors for this component receive a one-off notice about the spending of the money.

Every amount is welcome!