Organise fund raising for the Sapana School

Do you want to help by organising fund raising for the Sapana School?

We can help you!

Suggestions / inspiration:

* in stead of asking presents (for your birthday, wedding anniversary or other celebrations) you can ask your friends and family to donate money for the school fund, a contribution to the costs of a new needed building or the inventory. We then can provide printed information about the Sapana School that you can share with your guests.

* you can organise a donor recruitment action where we can come to give a lecture (in the Netherlands) on Nepal , the Sapana School and the innovative education system of the school

* when you work at a school you can organise a fundraising activity with the children. We can come to tell about the life of the children in Nepal, about Nepal and special interests like the wildlife etc. and we can if you wish, together prepare special Nepal art lessons for the children and develop idea's for fundraising actions of your students

* when you have a party with friends or colleagues we can come to cook a special Nepali dinner for you, please contact us through mail for details

* get started today make a piggy bank to save money for the Sapana School for a special cause.... put in small amounts every week..... and see how much you can donate after a year!!!