You can make a single donation, monthly donations and we can make a contract for a few years in a row.

There are now 30 children with a scholarship. The more we collect the more poor children can be admitted!

On this page you can read about
* payment methods
* recollection of needed amounts
* donors and follow up
* contracts for donations
* reports on your donations
* what happens with YOUR donation

payment methods


recollection of needed amounts
any amount is welcome


For the loan library of the school               € 2.000,-

For the School Fund

1. Have a child go to school:                         € 55,- per month or € 660,- per year

2. Support a child who goes to school: € 30- per month or € 360,- per year

3. Support the teaching team:                     € 60,- per month or € 720,- per year

4. Adopt an entire group:                              € 880,- per month or € 10.560,- per year

5. Support the school:                                    any amount is welcome

For new buildings and inventory

1. Toilets for the older children and grown ups € 9.000,- (needed by May 2021)
of the total costs of € 15.000,-

2. Building for the primary school: total € 100.000,- (needed by June 2022)

3. Furniture of the Primary School € 12.000,- (needed by January 2025)

  • directly to our bank account

Stichting Sapana School, Achterweg 46, 4156 AC Rumpt, The Netherlands

  • Account name: stichting sapana school
  • IBAN/SEPA Number: N L 9 1 T R I O 0 3 9 0 3 9 1 9 7 2
  • BIC Number: T R I O N L 2 U
  • Bankname: Triodos Bank

Stichting Sapana School has an ANBI status. Number for the Dutch government (taxes) 821717662.

Please in all cases... also write down the purpose of your contribution.

link to the CBF

Per October 18th 2021 INGO Stichting Sapana School is officially aknowledged as a charity by the Dutch Central bureau of the Fundraising. This organisation checks the professionality as well as the integrity of the INGO and the partner organisation in Nepal. Follew the link of the image and see the aknowledgement passport of the website of the CBF.

donors and follow up

When you are a donor of the Sapana School through Foundation Stichting Sapana School then know that we visit the Sapana School at least one time a year for monitoring and support with shared values, friendship and respect.


example and downloadable form from the Duch tax office for 'periodieke gift in geld'


The donors of the Sapana School can read on this website about the development of the school. For special projects (in case of large contributions) we provide development reports on year report of the school the specific project e.g. building projects, when you donate though Foundation Stichting Sapana School.

what happens with YOUR donation?

INGO Stichting Sapana School has no overhead costs. The boardmembers are volunteers and get no salaries. The only costs we make are bank costs, costs of the website, direct activity costs (e.g. payment for a stand at a market, costs of printing flyers for fundraising). Some of our donors make specific donations for these activities. So all money that you donate goes directly to YOUR intended purpose.