Report of activities of Stichting Sapana School 2076







activities 2019 2020

* Guiding in setting up the 'running costs' accounting and preparing the annual accounts of the 3rd school year of the Sapana School

* Guidance of the Sapana School team and board from 10.10.2019 to 09.11.2019

* (Co-) trainer of the 4th Teacher Motivation Training in Sauraha Nepal 13.02.2020 to 13/03 2

* Support of parent meetings and trainings at the school in Nepal 4

* Warm sweater project: October 2019 and February 2020 sweaters knitted by the ladies of the Knitting Chambres van Nuenen and Son sent by post to Nepal (project since 2012) 3

* Benefit dinner organized for the benefit of the school fund of the Sapana School fall 2019

* Sale of Nepalese jewelery and second hand clothing in November 2019 (Sapana School Shop in Rumpt) 1

* Teaching aids project: Teaching aids for the school sent to Sapana School in Nepal (December 2019)

* March 2020 sponsor raising action for the school fund of the Sapana School through Messenger