Report of activities of Stichting Sapana School 2074








activities 2017/2018

* Sponsor recruitment for the School Fund through Facebook

* On the spot counselling of setting up the accounting of the 'running costs' and making the annual accounts of the 1st school year of the Sapana School

* Guidance of the Sapana School team and Board from 02.10.2017 to 05.11.2017 (1)

* Lecture given at the Rotary in Woerden 31.08.2017

* Collection of money for emergency relief to the victims of the flooding in Sauraha August

* Sale of Nepalese jewelery in the shop of Artists Association GSA in Hilversum in May
2017 (2)

* (Co-) trainer of the 3rd Teacher Motivation Training in Sauraha Nepal 25.02.2018 to
2018/12/03 (3)

* Laptop project: brought collected refurbished laptops to the Sapana School for the staff members

* Warm sweater project: October 2017 and February 2018 brought sweaters knit by the ladies of the Knitting Chambres of Nuenen and Son in the Netherlands to Sapana Village Lodge for them to take to the Tharu, Chepang and Muchar people who need this (project since 2012) (4)

* Take care of a benefit dinner for the school fund of the Sapana School with lecture by
Dhruba Giri 24.03.2018

* Start of sponsor action Elsa Swims for the fundraising for a new multi functional building at the site of the Sapana School (May 21st) (5)